20 +thoughtful, cruelty-free gift ideas for vegans

Whether you are vegan yourself, or have a vegan family member or a friend, you might be stuck for cruelty-free gifts ideas especially now when the festive season is just around the corner.  From personal experience I know, that there are some things ethical lifestyle enthusiasts wouldn’t eat or purchase.  Here are some things you can gift to your vegan people and rest assured that they will enjoy them and believe that you actually care about their opinion.

For the mind
Everyone loves a good book

Cook books and guides are extremely helpful when starting the vegan journey. My top picks that I’ve tested and recommend are:

For the heart
Donation to a sanctuary, organisation or a shelter

If you have a true animal lover in the family, who wishes they could do more for animals but simply cannot afford it, make a donation in their name to a charity or an organisation they support.

Sometimes the non-physical, thoughtful gifts are the most precious. Some pro animal charities are:

Adopt an endangered species

You surely have heard of decreasing tiger populations, abused and depressed orangutans or disappearing rhinos. You can adopt such wild animals for your loved one by setting up regular donations of just a few pounds for a given animal.  You will get regular updates on your animal, maybe a cuddly toy and a certificate.

For the environment
A compostable, recycled phone case.

Vegan or not, we all have phones which we tend to protect with silicone covers.

  • Pela Case creates 100% plant based and compostable phone cases and a portion of their turnover goes to ocean cleaning initiatives.  The packaging is #zerowaste too.
  • Carved makes cases of wood that is normally thrown away.
  • Cork case by EcoQuote or ‘Vegan’ engraved wooden case.
Zero waste tools

2018 has been a pretty good year for dropping the issue of plastic pollution right in front of people’e eyes.
If this is a new topic new to you, read: “8 easy steps to reduce plastic waste in your life “.

Your vegan friends have most likely joined the trend and are trying to reduce their waste.  You can help by gifting them:

  • Reusable BeesWax but preferably Soy food wrap
  • Microfibre, cotton or bamboo face cleaning pads/cloths
  • Steel or Bamboo drinking straws
  • Packaging free skincare from Lush
  • Reusable cotton bags
  • Fruit nets for these farmers market visits
For the stomach
Home plant based milk and cheese making kit

A wonderful gift for a vegan who loves to spend time experimenting in the kitchen. Equally perfect for those who don’t fancy many vegan cheeses available in the supermarket or those who would rather make their own food, than buy it.

Smoothie maker

Speaking of cooking, a necessity in every vegan’s kitchen is  a good blender for making the cheese sauces, pestos, soups and most importantly – smoothies.  If they don’t have one, they’ll appreciate it.  A NutriBullet always seems to be the number one choice.

Stock them up on vegan essentials

Why not compile a hamper full of vegan, kitchen must haves?

  • Nutitional yeast
  • A variety of nuts and seeds; chia, hemp, pumkin and more
  • Preserves and chutneys
  • Selection of plant based milks
  • Beans and Quinoa
  • Tempeh, Tofu and Soy chunks
A monthly reminder of your thoughtfulness

If you fancy giving someone a reoccurring gift for a few months, sign them up for a subscription box.
The Vegan Kind offers beauty as well as food monthly, subscription boxes.

TheVeganKind Monthly Subscription Box

For the soul
Soy candles

Not many people would think of buying a Soy Candle because not many peeps know the reason why vegans avoid traditional candles. Every ethical shopper will appreciate a Soy candle without a question.

Himalayan salt lamp and candle holders

Calming, healing, ionizing, cosy, generally speaking – a lovely gift for anyone, not only vegans. There’s a huuuge selection on amazon. Go wild.

Essential oils

A diffuser + essential oils are actually on my personal wish list and I bet I’m not the only one who wants these. Ideal for meditation or homemade cosmetics.

Incense sets

Incense sticks can be calming, relaxing, therapeutic or energizing. Either way, the scent tends to be very strong.

For the looks
Something prettifying

Make-up and skincare gift sets always do the trick, especially for women. Some of my best recommendations must include the Rituals, Aveda or Neal’s Yard Remedies skincare gift sets which are cruelty-free of course.
Single but top shelf make up items will always be appreciated, especially by aspiring MUAs. Some of the most requested brands/ cosmetics are:

Don’t limit yourself to these because there are many more brands to choose from. These will surely by a win though.

Bear in mind that although these products are cruelty-free, they may not be vegan. 

Tools for the pretty face

Once you buy make-up for your chosen vegan, you can buy them tools to apply that make up with. Cruelty-free of course, with no fur.

Cruelty-free brushes can be even more joyful by being environmentally friendly.

Genuinely not leather

Beyond Skin is a PETA Approved and RSPCA award winner, Spanish brand that offers all vegan shoes and boots. A pair of these or a gift card is a wish of all vegan girls.

Alexandra K

Vegan bags and accessories by a polish designer Alexandra K , also worn by Meghan Markle. The price can be slightly scary but if you have a big budget, this brand is definitely worth looking at.

Matt and Natt

You can’t go wrong with a handbag or a purse, especially when they’re made of vegan leather and eco friendly materials such as recycled nylon, cork and rubber.  All of Matt and Natt’s products are ethically produced and once again, PETA approved.

Vegan Novelty T-Shirt
For the smells
Fragrance without animal testing

You would not believe how difficult it is it to buy cruelty-free perfume in actual perfume stores. Almost all of the high street and most well known perfumes are sold in China therefore tested on animals. Don’t loose hope though. Cruelty-free perfume does exists.

For the pets

Any animal lover would love you forever if you spare a thought about their furry friends as much as themselves. Get their cat, dog, hamster,  whatever friend they might have, a toy or a snack. You can even buy a vegetarian woofbrush from Lillys Kitchen.

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