The one reason why Isana is not cruelty-free

Isana is a German cosmetic brand for men and women which is widely known in my homeland- Poland. In the cruelty-free blogosphere it is known for being entirely Cruelty-free and Vegan. Is it really though?

Isana does not test on animals and meets all the cruelty-free criteria for majority of the bloggers. There is one criterion it doesn’t meet for me. That being the use of fur.
If you have come across my list of cruelty free beauty brands, you might know that I do not consider a company that uses animal hair or fur in their products to be cruelty-free. 

Fur farming is one of the cruelest industries and there is definitely no need for fur in the beauty market. In other words, you definitely do need to kill any animal to put your make up on.

What does Isana have to do with fur?

I have recently found out that Isana used to produce shaving brushes made of natural badger hair. Considering the cruelty-free reputation of the brand, I expected the mentioned brush to be replaced with ethical alternatives by now.

I have searched through the Rossmann site to find a brush with natural hair made by Isana, and unfortunately… I found it.

Photo of a shaving brush with natural bristles.
This image is from the official Rosmmann website.

This product is also available in other places on the web such as Amazon.

For this reason, I have removed Isana from my cruelty-free list.

Thank you Gunday for reaching out to me and letting me know.

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