Share Week 2018 | Blogs that I recommend

Share Week - blogs that I recommend

For a change I will not talk about animal testing, animal welfare or giving you a recipe.  As well as creating content that aims to raise awareness of animal rights, I want to share with you a few blogs that I believe you will enjoy reading and find beneficial too.

The Share Week project was invented by a polish blogger who runs a ranking every year in spring wherby bloggers nominate 3 other bloggers for their creativity. The polish blogs I have nominated won’t ring a bell to you unless you speak polish and are active in the polish blogosphere. If you fancy seeing my ranking, visit the polish version of this article.
Because I like the idea of this project and believe you might enjoy reading the same blogs as me, I decided to compile a ranking of English speaking bloggers.

Cruelty Free with me

Ran by an absoutely stunning girl – Claire, who achieves all her stunningness  with a cruelty-free and vegan approach. From cosmetics, through fashion to advocating for animal rights. This girl is beautiful inside and out.

Logical Harmony

If you are into cruelty free cosmetics already, you surely stumbled across Tashina and her website called Logical Harmony. She is an absolute  guru to many people when it comes to confirming if brands are cruelty-free or not. She reviews, confirms and is a cruelty-free authority to many people worldwide.

Cruelty-Free Kitty

Suzi from Cruelty-Free Kitty floats along the same vibes as Tashina and I often rely on her research too. She’s often pretty quick with updates about companies losing their cruelty-free status as well becoming cruelty-free. Her blog is an impressive library of companies that do and do not test animals.

Ethical Elephant

As well as doing a great job with researching companies policies, Vicky is extremely helpful with explaining the animal testing laws in China, describing how to buy cruelty-free clothes and shoes or how to to be a wise and aware, cruelty-free shopper. I’ve referred to her blog multiple times and I recommend it to everyone.

Wall flower Kitchen

What would a cruelty-free blog ranking be without a vegan cooking blog. Aimee from Wallflower Kitchen produces mouthwatering recipes that I’m pretty sure even meat eaters would love. Scrambled tofu, chocolate cakes, quinoa salads or roasts. You name it, Aimee has probably created a recipe you need.

Happy reading!