RINGANA skincare review

RINGANA is  a new, Austrian brand to me and I have a feeling it will be fairly new to majority of you. Discovered accidentally at the Yogific festival in London, turned out to be a pretty interesting bundle of products. Because I bought it a vegan festival, the products I purchased are vegan but as we all should know – “Vegan” does not mean “cruelty free”. I did some research and emailed the brand directly to find out.

Key facts:
  • Tested on animals where required by law? No
  • Sold in China? No
  • Certified?  Peta
  • Parent company? No
  • Vegan? Yes, except one weight loss supplement.
  • Ingredients tested on animals? No
  • Suppliers test on animals? No Read more here under section 6
  • Fur used? No

The products I’ve tested are designed for skin type 1. As per Ringana’s guide, number 1 is for oily skin that gets shiny, deals with large pores and frequent skin impurities. Products are designed for 4 different skin types so everyone is likely to find their match.

ringana skicare review


Out of all these products, toner was the product I put on my face first.  It’s a gentle, refreshing, awakening, water based product that I enjoyed using. It’s not a spray, so I poured some on my hands, and patted my face. It was easy to apply and absorbed fast. The scent which I would describe as slightly alcoholic at first could be a downside to some, but I personally can’t say it’s an unpleasant smell.


Doesn’t smell particularly special and I wouldn’t say it smells of natural ingredients which I found a little disappointing. After 2 minutes since applying the serum, I had a tightening sensation on my face. Perhaps this is related to the ‘plumping‘ feature of the product. It gets absorbed pretty quickly and has a cooling, moisturizing effect.  It’s quite a funny product because it foams a little when rubbed on the face which is  a new experience to me when it comes to serums.  I tend to apply serums overnight but this one was okay as a make up base. Definitely no effect to be seen in the morning when put overnight.

Cream Concentrate 1

According to the brand, the cream is an oil-in-water emulsion that’s light on the skin and ensures quick absorption. I cant’s disagree with that, it does that job exactly. The cream is very easy to apply, it spreads nicely. It’s quite thick but very smooth which means it doesn’t pull the skin. It moisturizes well, absorbs quickly but doesn’t dry the skin.

Cleansing milk

This is probably my no 1 out of this bundle because I think it actually ‘heals’ my skin. It seems that when I was removing my make up with this cream cleanser, my pimples reduced and even disappeared. I went back to my old make up remover and the ‘imperfections’ came back. When I tried Ringana again, they disappeared.  I’m pretty impressed. Unsurprisingly, it was the first product that I managed to run out of first.

FRESH Tooth oil 

I was pretty excited to try out the tooth oil because I have never, ever used a tooth oil before. The first impression was slightly terrifying because it tastes pretty gross. It doesn’t foam like toothpastes do but to be fair- I’m not sure if it should foam up. I must say though, that my teeth felt a lot cleaner than after any standard brushing with a toothpaste. The aftertaste isn’t that bad either, slightly minty. Only slightly though. The consistency is quite thick, so the oil wasn’t dripping down my tooth brush like I though it would. Despite the pretty nasty taste, its a yes from me, although I probably won’t oil my teeth more than once a week.

Summing up

Overall, the Ringana products are worth a try mainly because I felt like they are not damaging the skin. They were possibly doing quite the opposite, especially the cleansing milk and the tooth oil.  The process would be a lot more pleasant if the products smelled and tasted nicely which I can’t say they did.  There was no additional fragrance which –  thinking about it now – is better than pumping artificial fragrance to the product without any benefit to the skin.  As long as the products do what Ringana claims they do, I’m pretty satisfied. Although I probably will not buy these products again, I will be happy try out Ringana’s fruit scented range for sure.

As you can see in the images, the products are pretty tiny. That’s because I was testing a sample pack and a sample tooth oil. If you fancy a try too, you can buy sample packs and full size products on the Ringana website.