A List of Cruelty-Free beauty brands

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Last updated: February 2021

The use of animals in cosmetic testing is an enormous part of animal abuse which we often, unconsciously support. To find out more read my article “Animal testing – get it right”.

To claim a cruelty-free status and appear on my green list, a company  cannot test their ingredients and products on animals. They cannot sell products in Midlands China and products made of animal hair and fur. If I am not 100% sure that a company meets these requirements, it’ll land on my red list.

There are bloggers out there who do amazing job chasing companies to establish their cruelty-free status.

However, with the amount of brands on the market, there are still many unknowns. That’s when I step in and reach out to companies myself. To double check on companies I would like to use and I know many of you as well. 

[PC] Parent Company that tests on animals
[V]    Vegan

Companies in the green list below have been confirmed by me. All are linked to a dedicated page with details.

Companies that test on animals:

Companies that test their products or ingredients on animals are listed below. Due to the fact that animal based testing of beauty products is required in Midlands China, brands sold in China are also on the below list. There are cases where companies have a cruelty-free status but their make up brushes are made of animal hair and fur. Such companies are not cruelty-free, hence they will land on the following listing.

There are thousands of companies worldwide whose policies get modified anytime. If there is a company whose policy concerns you and would like me to investigate and add to my lists, feel free to let me know. Alternatively,  if you found that one of the companies above changed their policy either from or to cruelty-free, please let me know in the comments or via email at milena@zenethically.com. I will validate and update my list if required.