Is Senelle cruelty-free?

Is senelle cruelty-free

“Sen” for sensuality. “Elle” for Belle. Senelle – a polish company that produces skin and body care cosmetics. Let’s see what Senelle thinks of animal testing.

Key facts:
  • Tested on animals where required by law? No
  • Sold in China? No
  • Certified? PETA, Viva
  • Parent Company? No
  • Vegan? Most but not all products
  • Ingredients tested on animals? No
  • Suppliers test on animals? No
  • Fur used? No

Senelle does test products on animals and doesn’t permit third parties to do so on their behalf.

Their short and sweet answers to my questions are summarized above. The more lengthy ones, are cited below:

Does Senelle ensure that suppliers do not test on animals?

“Yes, we have confirmation from our suppliers, stating that they do not follow such practices…”

Do they sell in China?

“No, our products are sold in Poland. We are firmly against animal testing, therefore, our products will never appear on a market that would require otherwise

From Senelle’s answers, I am happy to conclude that it is an ethical brand.
One that does not test on animals, checks it’s suppliers and avoids China. I am pleased to add Senelle to my green list of cruelty-free brands.

Conclusion: Senelle is cruelty-free

Photo: Basia Hrycyk | Insta