Is Rituals cruelty-free?


Rituals is a body and skin care brand which creates insanely fragranced products that are incredibly easy to fall in love with. The company may seem to be cruelty-free but the lack of official policy statements may suggest otherwise.

In a nutshell:
  • Tested on animals where required by law? No
  • Sold in China? No
  • Certified? No
  • Parent company? No
  • Vegan? Some ranges are vegan
  • Ingredients tested on animals? No
  • Suppliers test on animals? No

There is no information regarding animal testing on Rituals’s official website which was a little worrying at first.
I contacted the company directly and received a very pleasant and quite a lengthy response which I will not paste in this article because I’m pretty sure you won’t bother with reading it all.
The information we actually care about regarding animal testing is quoted below.

“…We never test our products and ingredients on animals and this also isn’t done by third parties. We believe sufficient active, high-quality and safe ingredients are available, without the need for animal testing.”

How about suppliers?

A requirement for all our suppliers and other companies hired by our suppliers, is that they use high-quality and safe ingredients that have been established without animal testing

They do not seem to trade in China

“… But we do not sell or buy our products in China”

Watch out for Carmine

Majority of Rituals’s cosmetics are free from animal products with the exception of some make up products which may contain Carmine, lanolin or beeswax.

“…The eye shadows and lipsticks can possibly contain Carmine (INCI: CI 75470/Carmine), this ingredient is used for the unique red colour and unfortunately isn’t replaceable without changing the colour and quality of the product. It is our policy to not use any ingredients sourced from dead animal material in any of our product formulations…”

Although rituals state that their products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, watch out for Carmine which is commonly used in make-up production.
Carmine is a red dye obtained by crushing dried bugs.  

Rituals does not test ingredients or products on animals and requires this attitude from suppliers.  The products are not available in China and some products are suitable for vegans.

Remember to watch out for Carmine in red colored products.

Conclusion: No animal testing involved aka Cruelty-free 

Some of the loveliest scents from Rituals

4 thoughts on “Is Rituals cruelty-free?

  1. Just bought Rituals Happy Buddha Interior Spray and the labels says the product is “Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects” and “Avoid release into the environment”. I live with 2 rescue house rabbits and I’m worried about the product safety so I will be returning it tomorrow. Such a shame as it smells lovely, but if it has the power to kill animals, it’s not worth it

  2. Oh no, that is a shame! Definitely not worth the risk. There are certain scents that aren’t safe for animals, maybe Happy Buddha contains one of the them. I heard some essential oils (even peppermint) are toxic to animals too, especially cats! We have to be so careful x

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