Is Oriflame cruelty-free?

Oriflame lipstics

Similarly to many other companies, Oriflame claims to not test on animals and provide great efforts to end animal testing globally. Everything we need to know, in order to establish if this brand is cruelty-free or not, we can actually find online. I’ve compiled all this information for you in this post.

Key facts:
  • Products tested on animals where required by law? Yes
  • Sold in China? Yes
  • Certified? No
  • Parent Company? No

Oriflame’s stance on animal testing is described on a dedicated webpage which is pretty lengthy and quite impressive if I’m honest. In this document, the company states that their…

“…product safety testing is carried out on human volunteers by independent specialist laboratories under the supervision of qualified medical personnel…

… [Clinical testing is now] accepted as a safe and ethical alternative to animal testing.”

Splendid. Let’s keep on reading.

“Oriflame does not conduct or request animal testing to substantiate the safety or efficacy of any of its products or ingredients at any stage of the product development process.”

However, Oriflame must abide by the laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates and some countries require test data gained through animal testing in order to legally register the products in that market…

we must reluctantly submit the products for additional testing, which may include animal testing.”

Through, we can access localized websites for all countries Oriflame is available in. As expected, China is on that list.

oriflame in china



Stating that a brand “must” submit the products for additional testing, is overemphasized.

The company consciously chooses to enter a given market, knowing very well what it takes. Nobody is forcing Oriflame to sell  products in China, it’s a choice, the business has made.

Despite conducting product safety testing on volunteers and employing in vitro testing in skin irritation testing, it’s is clearly stated that the company abides to animal testing requirements in order to sell in countries that require it.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but commitment to animal welfare should stop the brand from dealing with countries that support animal testing, otherwise there is no commitment.

Oriflame is yet another company to value profit more than animal welfare.

Conclusion: Oriflame is not cruelty-free.

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