From the diary of a typical…animal?…lover?

bulldog animals zwierzeta

” What a cute puppy!

I will buy myself one of them too, it’s adorable!  What are a few hundred pounds after all? I’ll save up… There are hundreds of various dogs in shelters, looking for a loving home but I must have a pure breed puppy. You can’t train or raise a dog with history. I’ll support the dog breeding industry followed by illegal and unethical dog breeding but oh well, I need a pure breed dog.

I love dogs. 

I need a cat too. A Norwegian one or even better, a Bengal! A standard moggy cat is overrated. There are plenty of ginger, black and white cats looking for a peaceful home, but they are passe, not cool enough.

Speaking of household pets, eating dogs and cats is disgraceful. The Yulin festival should be banned. Cats and dogs don’t deserve to be killed in such a dreadful way. They’re our friends.

It does not mean that I care about chickens, cows, and pigs that our society treats in exactly the same way. I would never slaughter them myself because I love animals. Which is why I pay someone else to kill them for me. It doesn’t mean that I do not love animals, because I do. After all, I sleep with a cat in my bed, it’s the happiest animal on earth.

There is no point in falling into vegan extremism because I have the right to eat cows and pigs. Eating animals is in my human nature. It is normal and has been for years. My grandfather ate pigs, my great grandfather ate pigs so I will also eat pigs! Even cavemen ate mammoths. I am like a neanderthal but please don’t take the internet and supermarkets away from me.

Sausages are a tradition that cannot be lost. It’s an unhealthy and cruel one but it’s a tradition. As a patriot, I care about traditions. For my own convenience and pleasure of taste.

But I love animals, seriously.

Fish? Fish are not animals. They do not have a voice anyway. For what reason should I not eat fish? I don’t care that they suffer during the hunt, and suffocate on the surface until their eyes pop out.
It doesn’t matter because we have to eat fish for health reasons. Fish have a lot of omega-3 fats so we have to catch them, kill them and fry them. It does not matter that they accumulate all the omega 3 from algae which I can eat without killing the fish. I have the right to do what I want. Never mind that in the supermarkets and fish farms, the salmons, tunas, and other fish are swimming in crowded pools and have to die of suffocation unless they have their heads chopped off or stomach cut open. Fish are tasty.

I love animals.

I  have a rabbit who has a fantastic cage, eats fresh vegetables every day and hops freely around the house. I don’t mind using my CoCo Chanel perfume and Colgate toothpaste everyday which were rubbed into the eyes of other rabbits. I love my one and would never cause him any harm. I don’t care that I buy cosmetics from companies that test their products on guinea pigs and other small animals because I do not cause any harm to my one.

I love animals.

All animals are fabulous. Wonderfully soft and fluffy. That’s why I pay someone to shoot them and rip of their skin along with fur so that my winter hat can have a lovely, furry pompom and my hood have a fashionable, fuzzy trim that doesn’t even keep me warm. That’s okay because it’s not warmth I care about.  I want to look just as cute and beautiful as a red fox, black mink or gray and white raccoon.

I love animals.

I do all these things because it’s what I’ve been tought by the society, church and tradition.  I blindly and quickly follow everything presented by the media, commercials and trends, without questioning the rightfulness of what I’m seeing and hearing.

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