e.l.f product review + CF status update

e.l.f make up review

Since this review, I found that e.l.f uses natural fur in their brushes.  To this day, the company has not responded to my emails to explain the situation.

Because of that, e.l.f will be removed from my cruelty-free list and put on the red list of companies that are not cruelty-free

Eyes Lips Face, also known as e.l.f is a cruelty free make up and skincare company which I wanted to test for a very long time. Because it’s an american brand it’s not available in the UK but luckily E.L.F delivers worldwide.  I have to add, that the delivery of the package took about about  a week which isn’t bad for a multi continental postage. I thought delivery from US would take a lot more time so I was very pleasantly surprised.

Because I have made this order a few months ago, I have had enough time to test every product thoroughly and I am now ready to give you my honest opinion on almost every product I ordered. Yes, almost.

Key facts:
  • Tested on animals where required by law? No
  • Sold in China? No
  • Certified? Peta
  • Parent company? N/A
  • Vegan? Yes
  • Ingredients tested on animals? No
  • Brushes? Made of cut horse hair.

The products I have ordered were:

Velvet Matte Lipstick in Blushing Brown         £4.50

HD Lifting concealer in Fair                                £4.50     £2.25

3-in-1 mascara                                                         £4.50     £2.25

Blush in Twinkle Pink                                           £4.50     £2.25

Baked eyes shadow trio in Brown Bonanza      £5.00     £.2.50

Mineral Lipstick in Nicely Nude                          £6.00    £3.00

Studio Satin Lipstick in Touch of Pink               £6.00

Flawless Finish foundation in Sand                     £7.50   £3.75

As you can see the prices are very affordable, especially after the 50% discount I took an advantage of in November. In some cases, low price seems to be the representative of not so high quality of packaging but let’s be honest, it’s the product that matters.

The fave – concealer

My first and favourite product is the concealer which provides pretty good coverage but what I like the most about it is the colour. Surprisingly, I have not come across a concealer of this shade before. I have used concealers with either a pink or yellow, warm tone. This concealer seems to be based on a cool, beige which as opposed to pinks and yellows reminds me slightly of grey tones.  You might think that you don’t want a grey toned product under your eyes where we tend to have grey bags, but this product doesn’t emphasize the dark circles. I’d say it covers them pretty well.

Foundation & Blush

One of my fave’s, again, due to it’s coverage.The foundation is light,smooth and easy to apply because of it’s pump equipped bottle.
Although I would recommend this foundation, bear in mind that I bought this in a shade that’s too dark for me (probably why you shouldn’t buy foundations online).  Because of this, every time I use this foundation (which is almost every day) I mix it with a different product of a lighter shade. This probably affected the end result but either way it’s definitely worth £3.75. As a matter of fact, it’s probably worth the full price.

The blush is worth the money too as it has a lovely, girly colour. It stays on for majority of the day and I when I apply it in the morning it makes me look more awake which is what I want from a blush. It’s pretty standard blush which does what a blush should do. One downside – shimmer. After several months of use, I have recently noticed that this blush is slightly shimmery which I’m not a fan in general. However, if it took me so long to realize this, the glitter clearly isn’t strong enough.


Let’s move on to my absolute favorite beauty products. I basically live in lipsticks, lip glosses, lip oils and lip balms. Therefore I might be overly critical as I have quite high expectations when it comes to lip products.

3 lipsticks, each from a different range. I was mostly excited about the satin pink lipstick (the one in silver packaging): 1-because it was the most expensive and 2 – it’s titled as satin which led me to assume it will be a smooth, nourishing, silky lip product.  I wasn’t disappointed as the product is very solid and dense which improves the quality of the lipstick. When applied, it feels like a butter lipstick which was really smooth and silky. A very important aspect to consider is the smell. It smells lovely.
It hasn’t landed in my favorite lipsticks bucket yet, but that is a difficult challenge, only a few make it.

The pink mineral lipstick in black case feels nicer one the lips than the  satin lipstick but I am not a fan of the color. It’s a matter of personal preference as I don’t generally like glitter, shimmer and pearly pigments which some of you might love.  If you are a fan of this kind of shade, you should be satisfied with this product. It stays on the lips and doesn’t curdle.

I know that some girls love dark lipsticks in brown, purple even black shades. The velvet lipstick in blushing brown kept me excited for the arrival or this package but left me slightly upset. I was expecting a natural looking light brown. When applied, it was really damn dark. I’d compare it to a chocolate kind of brown. Not a shade I can pull off easily.  On the bright side however, it tasted and smelled of chocolate.  Overall, it’s probably  a pretty good lipstick. I just formed wrong expectations about it. My friend will be more than happy to take care of this product. 

Mascara & Eye Shadow

Mascara is the reason why I can give you my opinion on ALMOST every product.  When I used this mascara on my eyes, my lashes were sticky and I felt like the bottom lashes will glue to the top ones. This might be just applicable to me as my lashes are quite downward facing, so if you have bigger eyes and your bottom and top lashes aren’t close to each other, you might be fine. Because I couldn’t test, my mum was more than happy to but she wasn’t  satisfied with the product. Additionally after 2-3 months, the brush somehow got bent although it wasn’t used for a long time. We wondered whether it was left in the sun or near the radiator but no, it wasn’t. It’s just had its moment and we ended up chucking it away.  The packaging wasn’t too glamorous but I didn’t expect more for a £3 product.
As you can see, I haven’t used this product properly so feel free to search for additional reviews.

The eye shadow on the other hand, has been tested on multiple occasions. One of the best things about it that it’s in a hard, baked form which stops you from applying excessive amounts of product onto your brush. On a contrary I feel I have to rub my brush quite hard into the trio to get a sufficient amount of product. When it comes to durability, the product can’t really be compared to high quality eye shadows that last all night, but it does the job for a couple of hours. When compared to other very affordable eye shadows that I tested, this one’s a winner.

E.l.f mascara

Will I buy again?

These products were a part of my first online shop from the US and from e.l.f. This is why I chose to purchase items that were on sale to ensure I don’t completely waste my money if something goes wrong. At the end of the day, it’s a brand I never tried so I didn’t know if my money would be well spent.
If I make an order with e.l.f again I will be happy to select more expensive and hopefully better quality products. Their skincare range looks very appealing which I will try out at some point.

Milena x

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