Does Biały Jeleń (Pollena Ostrzeszów) test on animals?

To find out whether Biały Jeleń tests on animals, I had to reach out to the mother brand, Pollena Ostrzeszów. their statement described below applies to all brands belonging to this manufacturer, i.e. Biały Jeleń, Dzidziuś, Dr Reiner, BHP, Komfort, FF.
Although the company does not test on animals themselves, it does something else, which disqualifies it from being on my green list of ethical companies. Here’s why.

Key facts:
  • Tested on animals where required by law? No
  • Sold in China? No
  • Certified? No
  • Parent Company? Pollena Ostrzeszów
  • Vegan?  Some products aren’t even vegetarian
  • Ingredients tested on animals? No
  • Suppliers test on animals? Unknown
Let’s start with the positives

One good thing is, that Pollena Ostrzeszów products are not sold in countries where animal testing is required. They are sold in Hong Kong but this is not a problem.

What about suppliers?

“Pollena Ostrzeszów requires from its suppliers a certificate that the raw materials supplied by them were not tested on animals or by their manufacturer, distributor or external entities.”

Hold on…

“… We therefore assume that suppliers of raw materials comply with applicable regulations. However, we cannot be fully responsible for the activities of such companies in the scope of other raw materials than those used in the production process …”

To summarise, we don’t know whether suppliers test on animals or not.

And now a cherry on a cake aka cow’s fat in Biały Jeleń’s soaps

One of the questions I ask companies is whether they use animals in their products in any way. In Biały Jeleń’s soaps animals are used quite heavilly. Their signature product, the natural soap contains beef tallow. I was told that tallow is a side effect of another industry. We are probably talking about the meat industry and slaughterhouses here. Eliminating this ingredient is impossible. If you’re a vegetarian, you want to stay away from these.

Conclusion: Biały Jeleń is not cruelty-free.

Neither are Dzidziuś, Dr Reiner, BHP, Komfort, FF

I look looked into AA and Rituals