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“There is an ugly secret lurking in the beauty industry”-  Torrey DeVitto

Animal testing is an existing practice in the world and most of us don’t agree with it nor want to support it. We have been told that animal testing of make up has been banned in Europe a couple of years ago which allowed us to assume that all the beauty products we are able to purchase are cruelty-free. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
We, customers, being oblivious to the companies policies and their reputation on the market,  are unaware of the impact we have on animal abuse worldwide.

Companies need us – customers – in order to make profit. Cruelty-free status should be a top requirement when making a decision of purchase.
Despite the companies that unofficially don’t give a damn about animals, there are plenty of brands and organisations that do care. They give their whole heart to create sustainable, environment friendly and cruelty free products. Let’s explore.