Hi there

My name is Milena. I love animals. All of them.

This website is all about cruelty-free living. I believe everyone in the world should be aware of it and support it.

On a daily basis, I see people’s lack of knowledge on the products they use and how it affects other people and animals. Our society is based on consumption, commerce and financial profit. A so called “civilization” can be now defined by pointless deaths of innocent animals and wars, all as a means of greater turnover.  We have made discoveries which can be used as tool for revolution that could end animal abuse, yet we don’t do anything to make that happen. Why you wonder?

People say if there is no answer, the answer is money.


Meat consumption is one of the greatest factors contributing to climate change and animal cruelty. Although dropping meat seems like a massive and impossible challenge to some, to me it really isn’t. I will try to show you how simple and delicious vegan/vegetarian dishes can be.

Beauty & Ethics

Animal testing is a whole new level of animal abuse and it appeared as a massive surprise to me that products we use daily are tested on animals. Despite the animal testing ban in EU, majority of the cross-global health and beauty providers who have plenty of money on their hands, still conduct their tests on animals. Attempts of trying to hide the facts don’t always succeed as there are organisations and animal rights activists who will dig out the truth. But why do such big concerns, loaded with money still carry on with such practices? It’s not like they cannot afford testing their products in a truly humane way, right?

Very often, women are simply not aware of the fact that their shampoo has been tested on a rabbit, that their lipstick has been forced into a cat’s stomach or that their toothpaste has been rubbed in a dogs eye. Unfortunately, these things really do happen because we let them happen.

If you are a vegetarian, then thank you. We sail the same boat.
If you are a vegan, you have my huge respect.
If you don’t follow any of these lifestyles, there are a lot of issues you most likely are not aware of and I will do my best to help you become aware.
Realizing the effects of our actions is the beginning of the process. To make a change we have to alter what we eat, what we buy and who we support.

As Gandhi said

“..be the change you wish to see in the world..”.

Therefore I run the blog you are reading right now. I truly hope this will make your transition easier.

I share my experiences on this website, including vegetarian/vegan recipes, cruelty free products reviews and recommendations.   There are plenty of questions without a logical, compassionate answer. I will aim to highlight these cases and investigate if there is anything-we-as individuals can do to help the ones in danger.

I hope this site will act as journal of an aspiring vegan which will hopefully help some of you, and me along the way too.

Let’s help animals together!


Milena x