6 reasons to join the Animal Rights March and fight animal abuse

Imagine a crowd of people joining forces to fight for our voiceless friends. August the 25th was the day I spent literally raising my voice for animal rights alongside thousands of other people by attending the Animal Rights March in London. It was an amazing experience and here are the reasons why.
The movement is growing
10 000 people attended this march compared to 5000 last year and 2500 in 2016 when the march originally started. It’s incredible how much the compassionate community has grown and is growing as we speak. The march has also taken place in 25 other countries! How fab is that!?
You’re not alone
When you’re vegan or vegetarian, there are times you probably feel alone in the meat consuming society and I bet there were many situations where you felt you are a drop in the ocean that is unable to make a difference. Taking part in this march showed me that there are people who share my beliefs and fight for animal rights just like me. Some of them clearly do more for animals than I do which was tremendously inspiring and motivating.
Compassionate energy was over the Big Ben
I could feel the positive energy from my head tomatoes (I stole this joke from one of the banners). With so many people that I shared beliefs with, I could see we are all compassionate, all with good hearts, trying to reduce the suffering of the vulnerable beings on this planet. I’ve definitely been charged with enough positive vibes to march for 5 hours, later stand for 2 hours and relive the experience of the Animal Rights March in my mind for the rest of the weekend.
What you do makes sense
Watching the well known Animal Rights Activists that also took part in the march such as Earthling Ed or Joey Carbstrong, I observed the amount of people that walked up to them, thanked them for what they do and admitted that their lives, sometimes their entire families’s lives have changed because of these activists. It is truly amazing how 1 person can affect so many different beings. In this case, we’re talking human lives and most importantly, animal lives.
Meeting well known  animal rights activists.
Meeting some of the most influential personas in the cruelty-free world was not the key point of focus here, but let’s be honest, it was for sure a bonus. Having no idea that any of these people will be there I was very pleasantly surprised when Ed from Earthlings started talking to the crowd after the march, Evanna Lynch was doing a speech while Joey Carbstrong and Hench Herbivore were standing in the crowd with us.  After the speeches, they were talking to individuals, giving vegan advice and taking pictures. The best question to Ed was “How do you stay so calm?” – Brilliant  question that lingered in my head many times.
All the participants have massively impressed me with the amount and variety of banners they brought with them. The messages appealed to animal testing, milk and egg industries, meat eating, hunting, environment,  the attitude of society to animal rights and many more.There was an amazing speech of a a super compassionate girl Ayana whose poem/speech I uploaded here:Evanna’s speech is here.I hope to see you on the next year’s march.

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